Get rid of leftover tree stumps

After removing trees, the only thing that stays behind are their stumps. However, tree stumps can be unsightly, and even though most people try to incorporate the stump into their yard or landscape, the best option is usually to remove it entirely. This is best done with a stump grinder, which is a tool that grinds stumps down into wood chips. Just know that this job will leave behind a big mess, but for an extra fee, we will remove any and all grindings. If you have stumps that need to be removed, give Tree Guy Now a call. We’ll get rid of any stumps and get your area looking great again!

What do after stump grinding?

Since stump grinding leaves behind holes, bare ground patches, and a pile of the stump grindings themselves, it’s good to think of what to do after the actual stump has been removed and ground. What can you do to get your yard back to its normal self?