Expert Snow & Ice Removal

Tree Guy Now has been serving the Lehigh Valley area with snow removal services for as long as we have been providing tree care services. Our services include snow-blowing sidewalks, shoveling pavers, cleaning decks/cars, salting and so much more. You can trust our team to get rid of the snow off your walkway and we will get the job done right. Tree Guy Now strives to be the one call to do it all, so get in touch with us today for a free evaluation.

Snow and Ice Removal Treatments

Snow Removal Services

Plowing Macadams

Our expert team efficiently clears and plows macadam surfaces, ensuring safe and accessible roadways and driveways during snowy conditions.

Snowblowing Sidewalk

We employ snow blowers to swiftly remove snow from sidewalks, enhancing pedestrian safety and convenience in residential and commercial areas.

Shoveling Pavers

Our meticulous paver shoveling service guarantees the removal of snow and ice, preventing potential hazards and maintaining the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

Clearing Decks & Cars

Tree Guy Now takes care of snow and ice accumulation on decks and vehicles, ensuring they remain safe, functional, and ready for use.


We apply salt to surfaces to melt snow and ice, preventing slippery conditions and enhancing safety on walkways, driveways, and other surfaces.

Calcium Chloride

Our use of calcium chloride provides an effective, environmentally friendly solution for de-icing, reducing the freezing point of water to combat icy conditions.

General De-Icing

We offer comprehensive de-icing services to tackle icy patches on various surfaces, ensuring safety and accessibility during winter weather.